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Rivers Mahjong, which is also known as Shisen Sho or Four Rivers Mahjong, is a solitaire game based on the classic Chinese mahjong game. With beautiful graphics and music full of Sinicism, this game brings you back to China and offers you many hours of relaxing fun.

As in ordinary mahjong solitaire, the challenge is to eliminate all the tiles from the board, but you need to clear one pair in a particular way. You remove similar tiles in pairs only if you can connect them by a maximum of three lines crossing no other tiles. While the game is full of challenges, it is very easy to play.

Rivers Mahjong will fill your every need, whether you want a real challenge, or just a quiet relaxing game of mahjong solitaire. It's never short of fun along the journey.







  More fun than other mahjong solitaire games

  75 unique levels of addictive gameplay

  Beautiful art and music full of Sinicism

  Play freely in Relaxed Mode without a timer

  Suitable for all family members


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